Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Evolution of Transport

Evolution of Transport

Version 0.1
Since the ancient medieval time discovery of wheel as changed the way humans treadled the earth, from wooden frames to cast iron, steel and aluminum to rubber etc. Bullock carts, Chariots pulled by horses were used by humans to migrate to search for battle unknown. It was the cheapest and fastest way to travel across places.

Version 0.2
The discovery of fossil fuels in the Industrial revolution brought a renaissance in faster means of transportation and thus Cars, Aero planes and Buses were created, which increased speed, comfort and excitement and gave a mold to modern transportation. Now one could fly, waver on high seas or hit the dirt road with equal momentum. Thus travelling distance was shortened to what once used to take months, weeks to days now!
Version 0.3
Now it takes hours to reach from one continent to the other with advent of jet fuel with impressive comfort and Safety. In today's age urban infrastructure cannot cater to burgeoning population as even with speed the density has decreased the commuting speed on roads and highways. The burning of fossil fuels since industrial era and vehicles emanating 'Carbon Monoxide' (CO) has created air pollution which has globally affected the environment and has made earth warmer by 2%. Nation is clamoring for reduction in carbon footprints from developed and emerging economies to go for greener fuels i.e. Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Electric and Battery Powered Vehicles. This has increased more focus on to public transportation and many countries are slapping urban taxes for polluting vehicles.

Version 0.4
The future transportation will be exciting and interesting as fossil fuel vehicles will be extinct by year 2030 and battery powered vehicles will be flying on the roads without drivers (already on test mode), Artificial Intelligence (AI) will leap ahead in technology in how we commute without human touch. The maintenance cost will be reduced drastically and vehicles will be lesser prone to accidents reducing premium cost on insurance! Time is not far away when will see vehicles in different shapes and sizes whooping on air!!

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